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  • Architecture Marvels GoTürkiye

    Türkiye is a country which hosted different cultures throughout history due to its unique geographical location as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

    architectural heritage

    in Türkiye

    The architectural heritage of Türkiye extends way back to 7400 BCE at Çatalhöyük.

    Ottoman imperial architecture

    in Türkiye

    Situated in the historical peninsula of İstanbul, in today’s Sultanahmet district, The Topkapı Palace served as the main residence and administrative headquarters of the Ottoman Empire for more than 400 years.

    modern architecture

    in Türkiye

    Beginning in the early 20th century and lasting until the 1930s, a new national architectural movement pioneered by Architect Kemalleddin Bey and Vedat Tek can be observed.

    local architectural styles

    in Türkiye

    Yalı, meaning waterside, is today used in order to describe the beautiful waterside mansions on the Bosphorus in İstanbul. Although the yalı tradition in İstanbul started in the 18th century...

    architectural designs & techniques

    in Türkiye

    This style first emerged in the 12th century along with the Seljuk Turks and was later extensively used by the Ottomans.

    famous architects
    in the history

    of Turkish architecture

    Born in 1490, Mimar Sinan or Koca Mimar Sinan (Grand Architect Sinan) was the chief imperial architect of the Ottoman Empire in his day.

    architectural wonders

    of Türkiye

    Located on the European side of the Bosphorus in İstanbul, Dolmabahçe was originally a bay.